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Uber, the renouned record height which connects users with safe, arguable as well as seamless travel announced their central Windows Phone app progressing today. Uber for Windows Phone is the fast, full-featured local app which creates grouping your subsequent float super easy. The app functions upon all Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 8.1 devices, is free, as well as is available for evident download in the Windows Phone Store.

We acquire Uber to the fast-growing Windows Phone ecosystem. Now with Uber upon Windows Phone, the users will have the seamless float during the hold of the button.

Windows Phone July 23rd 2014


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A couple of weeks ago, we enabled a capability for Cortana to envision a outcomes of soccer matches from Brazil powered by prophecy record in Bing upon inclination using Windows Phone 8.1. Thanks to Bing, Cortana has fairly likely a leader in fifteen out of sixteen games of those renouned soccer matches (a nearby undiluted joint in a impressive person rounds) which is flattering amazing.

As remarkable here in this Bing Blog post, a indication in which Bing uses to envision sporting events similar to these soccer matches consists of a couple of things. It looks during a strength of any group by a accumulation of factors such as prior wins/losses/ties in gift matches, alternative general competitions as well as domain of a victories in these competitions. Then alternative adjustments have been done associated to alternative factors which competence give a group advantages over others similar to home margin value (for Brazil), vicinity (for South American teams similar to finalist Argentina), personification aspect (hybrid grass), game-time continue conditions, as well as alternative factors. The interpretation can additionally be tuned formed upon win/lose/tie probabilities prisoner by a people wagering upon a outcomes. This indication doesn’t rest some-more heavily upon any a single component though rsther than has a value of boldly as well as invariably bettering up until diversion time in an innovative approach to give users a most appropriate probable prediction. For some-more upon how Bing creates predictions, read this blog post from Next during Microsoft.

It is additionally flattering extraordinary you were means to capacitate a prophecy function in Cortana in only a week as well as have it light up upon people’s Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

We’re vehement to be means to do some-more of these sorts of things with Cortana in a future.

Windows Phone July 13th 2014


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In an refurbish currently to their renouned (and unequivocally fun!) diversion Subway Surfers, Kiloo is creation Subway Surfers accessible to low-memory Windows Phone 8 inclination (devices with usually 512MB of memory). You can download Subway Surfers for giveaway here from a Windows Phone Store. This refurbish additionally brings brand brand brand new full of color outfits for Coco (who is returning to a game) as well as Prince K characters, a brand brand brand new special Sci-Fi house called a Teleporter, as well as brand brand brand new “I Got a Power” awards that we get by picking up powerups at your convenience possible.


Windows Phone July 10th 2014


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You competence consider you’re “forgetful” or “scatterbrained” or “have a thoughts similar to a sieve.” But how most times have we remembered which you’re ostensible to collect up your kid from a train stop right up until it’s time to go—and afterwards gotten dreaming by a little glossy object? Leaving your trusting kid station alone underneath a damaged streetlamp with tumbleweeds floating all around? For me, a answer is a series in between 1 as well as 50.

Lately, I’ve been relying upon Cortana—the brand brand new digital partner in Windows Phone 8.1—to forestall such hapless events. we press as well as reason a Search button, as well as Cortana pops up, ready for my commands. “Remind me to collect up Louie during 3:20,” we contend to her, or “Remind me to take my memory-boosting herbal addition each sunrise during 8.” She can even give me reminders formed upon place (“Remind me to call Suze when we leave work”) or chairman (“Remind me to ask about summer eighth month subsequent time we speak to Mom”).


These reminder basics have been overwhelming enough. To get even some-more out of reminders, try a following energy tips:

1. Say “Any” thing – If we discuss it Cortana, “Remind me to get eggs subsequent time I’m during a supermarket,” she’ll uncover we a list of circuitously stores to select from. Tap Any as well as she’ll remind we a subsequent time you’re during any supermarket.


2. Lose a fall asleep – Sometimes we need some-more than a five-minute fall asleep delay. When a sign pops up during an untimely time, daub a reminder’s pretension as well as you’ll be means to set a brand brand new time.


3. So most memories – To see (and reactivate) finished reminders from your past, press a Search button, daub Cortana’s Notebook > Remind me, as well as afterwards daub More > Reminder history. Tap a sign to reuse it. This is good when we incidentally daub Complete on a sign we still need—something we appear to do upon a every day basis.


4. Pin a Tile – we in all similar to to make make make use of of of voice commands to sequence up my reminders, though my father doesn’t most conclude which when we arise up during 3 A.M. stressing about something we need to do. So we make make make use of of of my Remind me Tile from my Start shade to (silently) supplement a sign in Cortana’s Notebook. To pin a Tile to Start, press a Search button, daub Cortana’s Notebook > Remind me, as well as afterwards daub Pin.


5. Set a little nicknames – Use nicknames when we set up your inner circle (Mom, Louie, Pookie) as well as favorite places (gym, school, bakery). Then we can make make make use of of of a nicknames when we set reminders (and when we call as well as content people, too).


Windows Phone July 9th 2014


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I suspicion we would pass along which a central Twitter app has perceived a good small refurbish currently for Windows Phone (version This refurbish includes enhancements for pity as well as uploading photos. For example, we can right away upload mixed photos to a singular Tweet. You can additionally tab your friends in a photos you’re uploading in a Tweet to begin a conversation. And we can additionally supplement photos to Direct Messages. With this update, we can additionally right away reply, retweet, favorite, or follow true from a Tweet upon your home timeline. Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos, as well as alternative (select) calm will additionally right away uncover a preview in your home timeline too!

9698b1dc-b03b-4c7c-a4cd-777badd5f7cc d95a968e-3e16-4a5d-a694-2a122dee1d9e 1d2a5671-b9f2-4471-8281-cf31fc04f34b

If we don’t have Twitter installed, you can download it here from a Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone July 8th 2014


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Summer is on, as well as so is good gaming upon your Windows PC, Tablet as well as Phone. Award-winning diversion developer Gameloft is assisting to feverishness things up with mixed tip peculiarity brand brand new releases right divided accessible for your gaming pleasure:

1. Blitz Brigade


Are we ready for a gun show? Axis or Allies, feat or improved – all will be motionless in this multi-player, first-person-shooter! Become a single of 5 highly-skilled classes; group up with alternative players to bruise your enemies in to a mud as well as call them meant names. Lock ‘n’ load! Get Blitz Brigade Free from a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores.

2. Rival Knights


Will we be a final night standing? Amor up – it’s time to tournament to victory, severe thousands of players online in games of glory. It’s an action-packed fight diversion set in Gothic times. Your rivals await! Get Rival Knights Free from a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores.

3. Order & Chaos Duels


Rediscover a Order & Chaos star in this fantasy-based collectible trade label game. Duel immorality forces upon quests as well as adventures, or go head-to-head with alternative players for leaderboard supremacy. There’s roughly 300 beautiful cards to pick up – can we take them all, stacking a rug in your favor? Get Order & Chaos Duels for Free from a Windows Phone Store.

4. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience


Get at a behind of a circle as well as competition over 60 cars upon thirteen super-realistic marks in GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience. Drive all from Nissans to Ferraris, as well as exam your pushing skills in some-more than 1,000 opposite events—Classic Races, Duels, Knockouts as well as Overtakes. Or competition in multi-player mode with players from around a world. Get GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Free from a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores.

5. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


After being sealed divided in a moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set giveaway as well as swelling night opposite Ponyville. Only Twilight Sparkle as well as her friends can move light as well as loyalty behind to a land. You can assistance her as well as Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, as well as Pinkie Pie reconstruct a locale as well as strech their dreams in fun, enchanting quests. Get My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for Free from a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores.

6. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Enter a conflict locus in this unusually abounding as well as addictive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Play as a single of some-more than 40 heroes in your own piece for one person campaign, or even better, partisan your friends for fast-paced multi-player action. Who’s got a skills as well as strategies to order a puzzling universe of Haradon? Get Heroes of Order & Chaos for Free from a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores.

Find all these good brand brand new games as well as some-more in the Gameloft Collection.

Windows Phone July 2nd 2014


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When we was drumming out “The discerning brownish-red fox jumped over a quiescent dog” over as well as over again in my facile propagandize typing class, my backspace symbol saw a little complicated use. Nowadays, autocorrect is there to repair any fake taps from my fumbling thumbs.

And whilst autocorrect is a outrageous assistance (most of a time), a little newer typing tips for Windows Phone have small spelling corrections demeanour reduction “quick brownish-red fox” as well as some-more “lazy dog.” Here have been a little of a ways I’ve extended my set of keys competence:

1. Swipe to type

HWZT (How would Zorro type)? Probably with figure writing. A brand brand new underline in Windows Phone 8.1, figure essay is funny quick and, most similar to Word Flow on Windows Phone, in few instances precise. I’ve usually had figure essay give me a wrong word a handful of times.

In any message, try swiping your finger opposite a set of keys whilst attack any minute in a word. When we lift your finger, a word will crop up as well as a space will automatically be combined to have room for a subsequent word. It’s not only a quick approach to type, it’s a universe jot down contender.

If figure essay isn’t your crater of tea, we can spin it off in your set of keys settings.

2. Get a right emoticon during a right time

Another brand brand new underline in 8.1 is which a Word Flow set of keys will indicate context-appropriate emoticons in further to a common word suggestions. If I’m exhausted

Windows Phone July 1st 2014


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Today, T-Mobile is announcing a Lumia 635 – a initial Lumia to come powered by Windows Phone 8.1 in a U.S. as well as a inheritor to a Lumia 521. The Lumia 635 will initial be accessible from T-Mobile upon a Home Shopping Network to Simple Choice prepaid business upon Jul 5th as well as online during commencement Jul 9th for $0 down + $7 per month for twenty-four months with a postpaid T-Mobile Simple Choice plan. Then, a Lumia 635 be accessible online as well as during name MetroPCS stores commencement Jul 18th for a promotional cost of $99, as well as during participating T-Mobile stores national upon Jul 16th.


With a Lumia 635, you’ll suffer all a ultimate brand new facilities that come with Windows Phone 8.1 together with Cortana, a world’s initial indeed personal digital assistant. The Lumia 635 additionally comes with SensorCore record that monitors your steps, movements, routes as well as places as well as can spin your Lumia 635 in to an all-in-one aptness tracker. Today, the Bing Health as well as Fitness app can take value of this technology.

For some-more sum upon a Lumia 635 upon T-Mobile, head over as well as review this blog post from a Conversations blog.

Windows Phone July 1st 2014


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Our flourishing village of eccentric developers go upon to pierce their many appropriate to Windows as good as Windows Phone any month. Jun is no exception, with roughly too many good brand brand brand new titles to select from. You can regularly find uninformed finds in a Indie Game Spotlight Collection. Below have been 10 of a favorites for June:

1. Tile Rider


This high-speed journey combines puzzles, racing as good as conflict elements as we try a middle workings of your Windows Phone. Ever consternation what which competence demeanour like? You’ll have to be intelligent as good as keep a good hold upon your gun, though many of all you’ll need to be very, unequivocally fast! Get Tile Rider for $1.99 in a Windows Phone Store.

2. Big Business Deluxe


Born businesspeople will adore this next-generation mercantile plan diversion which takes typical folks as good as lets them fool around tycoon. Start your own business, set up a complicated metropolis, as good as have millions in a routine – though additionally find a rough highway to success, with lots of hurdles along a way. Watch your dreams come to hold up as we keep your enterprises flourishing as good as underneath control. Get Big Business Deluxe for Free in a Windows Phone Store.

3. Lost Echo


It’s not as good distant in a future, as good as Greg’s girlfriend, Chloe, has usually left right prior to his eyes. That’s a scary begin to this eerily abounding diversion mixing sci-fi, poser as good as adventure. As Greg embarks upon his search, no a single remembers him, as good as a story-driven gaming turns to puzzles, mini-games as good as encounters with a operation of characters for Greg to interpretation his quest. Realistic graphics, an disdainful soundtrack as good as dual modes of fool around let usually about any a single get in upon a fun. Get Lost Echo for $2.99 in a Windows Phone Store.

4. Snuggle Truck


This over-the-top, physics-based pushing diversion keeps we upon your toes as we have certain which your changed load never bounces up as good as away. Your pick-up truck, filled with animals upon their approach to a zoo, blasts by hills, caverns, deserts as good as forests – as good as all a while, a animals have been bumping, sliding, jostling as good as land upon for dear life. And you’ll be sloping a lorry similar to insane to be certain zero goes astray! Get Snuggle Truck for $1.99 in a Windows Phone Store.

5. Ballance Resurrection


An erring round is a fun concentration of this arcade/puzzler. Based upon a renouned ‘80s diversion Marble Madness, a ante is upped here with brand brand brand new opportunities to thrust your round by exciting, noted worlds as good as nerve-racking routes. Ball + Balance is a pass to a name as good as to a game, as good as if we can beam your round by a gradually formidable levels you’ll suffer a fun of production as good as a compensation of a pursuit good done. Get Ballance Resurrection for Free in a Windows Phone Store.

6. Sky Blaze


Swipe your Windows Phone shade similar to never before, as we zip as good as zag by this fast-paced colonnade diversion to emanate rockets as good as overwhelming fireworks explosions opposite a sky. It’s a multiple of overwhelming beauty as good as discerning wits. And since you’re competing for a top score, possibly locally or online, you’ll wish to be certain your Sky Blaze uncover is a single to remember! Get Sky Blaze for Free in a Windows Phone Store.

7. GunFinger


You’ll need an arms depot of weapons to keep a step or dual forward of a undead hordes prohibited upon your route in this hillbilly turn upon a zombie shoot-‘em-up. With all from shotguns to sniper rifles, you’ll take down undead monsters, rescue civilians as good as work your approach by increasingly severe ability missions. Awesome 3D graphics as good as cutting-edge special goods have this a many fun we can have during a zombie hoedown! Get GunFinger for Free in a Windows Phone Store. Also accessible in a Windows Store.

8. OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars


These small container cars have been large fun upon your Windows Phone. Customize your tiny car, afterwards get it going, though be careful, since they unequivocally pierce – be certain yours never flies off a track! With 6 illusory scenarios, forty cold exam marks as good as dual opposite fool around modes, you’ll never repeat an tour as good as we competence never consider about pushing a same approach again. Get OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars for Free in a Windows Phone Store.

9. Super Tap Ultra


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. This is a fun, addictive diversion where drumming buttons is a usually ability we need. Well, which as good as a penetrating rival suggestion to get a top score, which happens when you’ve illuminated all upon glow in ultra mode. Think we can do it? The stylish, retro look, overwhelming goods as good as upbeat song will have we drumming similar to never before! Get Super Tap Ultra for Free in a Windows Phone Store. Also accessible in a Windows Store for $.99.

10. Battle Droids


These droids have been cute, though they’re cunning, too. Customize yours, afterwards come in a locus opposite up to 4 players from around a globe. The cartoon-looking bombs you’ll throw opposite these opponents have been a keys to your feat over them, as good as you’ll pick up opposite powers to benefit advantage. But watch out for surprises similar to a lethal curses which can get we in to difficulty fast. For real-time, multiplayer fad this summer, this is it! Get Battle Droids for Free in a Windows Phone Store. Also accessible Free in a Windows Store.

Find all 10 of these good brand brand brand new indie games as good as some-more in a Indie Game Spotlight Collection.

Windows Phone June 30th 2014


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Back in April, Bing denounced an examination they built that gives we the prophecy of an result of the since event. Their initial iteration of this was to try to envision that contestants have been many expected to be separated or pierce upon to the subsequent turn of choosing by casting votes for shows similar to The Voice, American Idol as well as Dancing With The Stars. A couple of weeks ago, Bing voiced they were taking the examination even serve by charity predictions for outcomes of sporting events similar to the really high-profile soccer matches function right right away in Brazil. Because Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 is powered by Bing, we suspicion it would be fun to have Cortana say what group she thinks competence win formed upon this prophecy record from Bing. For e.g. – if we ask Cortana “Who will win Team A or Team B?” she will yield the reply upon who she thinks competence win the game. We suspicion this competence be something fun to do with Cortana. Give it the try!

Windows Phone June 30th 2014