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The Pigs have been after a Angry Birds’ eggs again—but as usual, zero is starting according to plan. In Bad Piggies, it’s up to we to assistance them emanate a idealisation appurtenance to fly, crawl, roll, turn or pile-up them safely to their destination. Download a diversion right away from a Windows Phone Store for $.99.


With some-more than 200 levels to play, suffer your fill of pig-flying, crashing, as well as exploding. To pass any level, you’ll have to set up only a right appurtenance as well as drive it successfully. It competence take mixed attempts to grasp all a objectives for any level, though reckoning it out is partial of a fun. And once we get 3 stars upon each level, you’ll clear 36 some-more puzzles.

“Pig” time fun with Bad Piggies. Get it from a Windows Phone Store today.

Windows Phone April 14th 2014


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Today, you can right away implement Windows Phone 8.1 upon your phone by a Windows Phone Preview for Developers as well as try out a lot of a awesomeness you voiced dual weeks ago during Build. To do this, follow a instructions here upon a Dev Center. you indicate celebration of a mass a critical records upon a instructions page prior to opting your phone in to embrace Windows Phone 8.1. For some-more details, conduct upon over as well as read this blog post from Cliff Simpkins.

For developers, you additionally voiced which currently a Dev Center is right away open for now open for Windows Phone 8.1 as well as concept Windows app submissions.

Windows Phone April 14th 2014


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This post was authored by Kris Iverson, a program developer lead who functions upon a 3D copy group in Windows.

Last year, during Build 2013, we demonstrated how easy it is to spin pieces in to atoms regulating 3D Printing upon Windows 8.1. For a holidays, we partnered with Microsoft sell stores as well as MakerBot to uncover a universe which any a single can be partial of a desktop production array with a Replicator 2, Windows 8.1 as well as a 3D Builder app.


Our partners were vehement by a energy of a Windows 3D Printing height as well as fast followed with formation in to their products. For example, Beijing TierTime voiced Windows plug-and-pay drivers for their consumer 3D Printers during CES as well as Autodesk delivered Meshmixer, an easy to make make make use of of of consumer application, with a 3D File->Print experience.

I returned to Build this year to broach a 3D Printing with Windows session as well as common a little sparkling brand brand brand new things:

3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) published

The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is accessible for download upon MSDN ( 3MF is a record format which creates it probable to File->Print from an app to any upheld 3D Printer upon Windows. It is a record format privately tailored for 3D Printing as well as Windows. 3MF supports colors, textures, scale, a imitation sheet containing endorsed imitation options, as well as most alternative improvements. We hold 3MF is a step brazen for a attention as well as ready for a subsequent era of 3D Printers.

Printrbot plug-and-play

Microsoft is delivering a 3D block as well as fool around imitation motorist for Printrbot’s brand brand brand new Metal Simple 3D Printer. Brook Drumm, Printrbot Founder, assimilated us to deliver a Metal Simple as well as talked about a significance of software. The Printbot Metal Simple is a low-price 3D Printer which is portable, compress as well as friendly. With Microsoft upon condition that software, it will additionally be elementary to use. Thank we Brook!


3D Builder app update

We have been creation a vital refurbish to a Windows Store app: Microsoft 3D Builder. My co-worker Steve Olsson demonstrated multiform absolute features. 3D Builder creates it easy to customize a indication as well as hope for it for printing. We combined a array of Windows Phone advancing stands to a indication catalogue as well as with a couple of taps, we can emboss your name or even combine your face from a 3D scan. 3D Builder will automatically check as well as repair any problems prior to printing. (


Model Repair web service

Microsoft is partnering with Netfabb to suggest a Model Repair web make use of hosted upon Azure. The website ( is giveaway for consumer use. We have been additionally charity this make use of for formation in a blurb environment. Please hit us for some-more information.


We have been not only focusing upon consumer experiences. Microsoft supports critical veteran 3D Printing, too. Vajrang Parvate, Director of Product Development during SOLIDWORKS, talked about a veteran CAD space as well as demonstrated a 3D File->Print knowledge upon an arriving chronicle of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS prints a 3MF by a Windows 3D Print height to any upheld 3D Printer. Thank we Vajrang!

Microsoft 3D Printing SDK download

And finally, regulating a representation in a 3D Printing SDK, we demonstrated how we can supplement 3D Printing to a Windows Store app with a single line of JavaScript. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! The Microsoft 3D Printing SDK is accessible for download ( from MSDN as well as includes both desktop as well as Windows Store app source formula samples, device motorist source code, as well as documentation. It has all we need to embody 3D Printing in your apps as well as hope for your device for Windows.

I can’t wait for to see a blast of brand brand brand new apps as well as inclination for Windows. Just consider of a possibilities!

If we wish to know more, greatfully check out a related event from //build/ 2014!

Extreme Windows April 2nd 2014


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Whew, what a day! What a week! I’ve usually gotten off a theatre during Build in front of 5,000 of a dear developers articulate about a destiny of a Windows platform. And right away I’m here to discuss it YOU about a things we’ve been operative upon to pleasure all a Windows Phone users as well as fans!

During my time upon stage, you went over what’s subsequent for Windows PCs, tablets, as well as phones with dual vital updates: Windows Phone 8.1 and a Windows 8.1 Update. Both releases pierce a lot of brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new facilities for consumers as well as businesses alike, built from a feedback we’ve listened from commercial operation along a way. We’ve additionally a single after another to deposit in a partners, enabling lots of good brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new phones, tablets, laptops as well as PCs for you to select from in a months ahead.

Windows 8.1 Update: Focused upon Mouse/Keyboard

For PCs as well as tablets, we’ve done improvements in Windows 8.1 which will noticeably urge a knowledge when you’re regulating a Personal Computer but a touch-screen. We’ve done commands simpler to find with mouse/keyboard, we’ve done switching in in in between apps—especially Windows Store apps—much simpler with mouse/keyboard… as well as we’ve done it simpler to find brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new apps to install.

To sense some-more about a refurbish to Windows 8.1 for your Personal Computer as well as tablets, head upon over to a Windows Experience Blog as well as review Brandon’s post. What you unequivocally wish to cover in item here is…

Windows Phone 8.1: More Personal, Smarter, as well as even a “World Record Holder”!

If you’re a Windows Phone user, you already know which you set out to emanate an knowledge which puts you as well as a things you caring about many front as well as center. As a result, you hold Windows Phone is a world’s many personal smartphone… as well as with Windows Phone 8.1, we’ve combined a BUNCH of brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new facilities which have your smartphone even some-more a thoughtfulness of your celebrity as well as desires.

Want to knowledge it all in a single hulk demo? Then watch this marathon 15-minute video. Else… review on!

Start screen: Make a Live Tiles Yours

We wish your Windows Phone Start shade to honestly simulate your celebrity as well as a people as well as things you caring about—so you have been creation it even some-more customizable!

Start_ShadowBox_03_16x9 Start_ShadowBox_03_1080p_116x9

In 2013, you combined a third column upon inclination for 5-inch shade or incomparable devices, similar to a Lumia 1520, to capacitate some-more things to uncover up upon a screen. People unequivocally favourite this so you have been enabling this upon all shade sizes in Windows Phone 8.1. Pin away! We’ve additionally combined a capability to customize your Start credentials with a a a single preferred design or a single of a options we’ve provided, which will have many of a tiles upon your Start shade spin transparent so you can see a credentials you comparison as you corkscrew up as well as down.

Lock screen: Lots of brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new “themes” to select from!


The Lock shade is a unequivocally initial thing you – or your friends—see when you squeeze your phone, as well as in Windows Phone 8.1 we’re upon condition which a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new app which lets you set a far-reaching operation of engaging “Lock Screen Themes” which uncover all kinds of opposite visuals as well as animations. Make it yours…

Cortana: Your PERSONAL Digital Assistant

Of all we’re announcing today, I’m many vehement to deliver you to a world’s initial indeed personal digital assistant, now upon Windows Phone. We were desirous by a renouned impression from Halo who served as a shining AI as well as a deeply personal digital partner to Master Chief… so you called her Cortana.

Powered by Bing, Cortana is a usually digital partner which gets to know you, builds a attribute which you can trust, as well as gets softened over time by asking questions formed upon your function as well as checking in with you prior to she assumes you’re meddlesome in something. She detects as well as monitors a things you caring about, looks out for you around a day, as well as helps filter out a sound so you can concentration upon what counts to you. Cortana will launch before prolonged here in a U.S. initial as a “beta,” as well as thereafter will launch in a US, a U.K. as well as China in a second half of 2014 with alternative countries to follow thereafter in to 2015.

Cortana_Home_16x9 Cortana_Collection_Travel03_16x9

In Windows Phone 8.1, you get to Cortana by possibly a Live Tile upon your Start shade or by dire a poke symbol upon your device. This will take you to Cortana Home. To correlate with Cortana, you can possibly verbalise or type—if you’re in a meeting, usually sort as well as Cortana won’t speak out loud. But if you ask her a oral question, she’ll answer verbally as well as even lift upon a healthy conversation.

When you correlate with Cortana for a VERY initial time, she will begin guidance things about you… similar to your name, how to clarify it, as well as ask for a little personal interests.

Once she’s schooled a bit about you, Cortana’s home populates with report which is curated usually for you. You’ll see things similar to moody report she’s found from your email confirmations, weather, a ultimate news, as well as even trade report once she learns your invert routine, such as from work as well as home.


To rise Cortana, you talked to a series of genuine personal assistants. One technique these assistants spoke about was gripping lane of a interests as well as preferences of their bosses in a notebook. We thought… what a good idea! So all a things Cortana curates for you is stored in Cortana’s Notebook. This report enables Cortana to be active as well as beneficial around a day. For example, she’ll let me know if my arriving moody behind to Seattle is upon time and, if you choose, will even pop-up to suggest what time you should leave for a airfield formed upon traffic. Cortana can additionally conduct your phone when you don’t wish to be uneasy by environment still hours where she will overpower any notifications, in-coming calls, as well as texts. Cortana understands a “inner circle” of people-closest-to-you, as well as she can let them mangle by during any time during still hours. And Cortana is a usually digital partner which lets you setup people reminders. You can have Cortana remind you which your friend owes you $20 a subsequent time you speak to him. And ALL of these interests as well as preferences have been underneath YOUR CONTROL around Cortana’s notebook.

What’s more, since Cortana is powered by Bing, a little of a interests in Cortana’s Notebook will light up upon Bing.comwhen you pointer in upon a web. will give you entrance to a things Cortana marks for you, similar to your weather, stocks, news, as well as flights.

We’ve additionally created Cortana to be means to interact with 3rd Party Appsinstalled upon your phone. You can ask Cortana to assistance you have a video call in Skype, watch a TV uncover in Hulu Plus, demeanour up a headlines feed upon Facebook or send a twitter regulating a Twitter app – all of which you demoed during this morning’s keynote.

And finally, Cortana isn’t usually a dry mechanism returning poke results. Just as she has in a diversion Halo, Windows Phone’s Cortana has a bit of personality. But you’ll have to speak to her yourself to see what you meant by that. Or… you gamble you’ll be means to find a little videos upon a web flattering shortly to see what you mean.

We consider you’re starting to unequivocally adore carrying Cortana as your personal assistant!

A Whole Slew of New Delighters


Action Center:Live Tiles have been a good approach to “glance as well as go,” as well as right away we’ve combined Action Center to capacitate you to see notifications from ANY app – pinned or not—and to give you a customizable approach to fast entrance a settings you caring about most, similar to Wi-Fi, Flight Mode, Bluetooth as well as Rotation Lock.


Word Flow Keyboard:The set of keys in Windows Phone is intelligent sufficient to sense your essay character as well as even knows a names of people in your contacts for faster typing. Best of all, a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Word Flow Keyboard lets you slip your fingers over a keys to sort INCREDIBLY quickly… a child was means to BREAK THE OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD formerly hold by a Swype set of keys upon a Samsung Galaxy S4 regulating Word Flow by 8 seconds!


Skype:The brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Skype app for Windows Phone 8.1 brings a many appropriate of Skype upon a smartphone. It’s integrated with a Phone dialer, so if you’re upon a call you can fast as well as simply “upgrade” your typical phone call to a Skype video call during a daub of a button! And… a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Skype app is created to work seamlessly with Cortana so you can have make have use of of of Cortana to setup your calls inside of Skype.


Calendar:The brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Calendar has been redesigned to supplement a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new week perspective which lots of people have been asking for as well as it has many good touches—like panning right to get to a subsequent day or week or month! What’s more, it looks a lot similar to Outlook upon your Windows PC… e.g., a continue is integrated during a tip – usually similar to in Outlook.


Music, Video, Podcasts: We’ve done a ton of improvements to these experiences, which have been right away apart out as apart apps as well as all of which can be updated around a Store. In Music, you can revise your playlists as well as conduct your clouded cover pick up unequivocally simply as well as effectively. Video creates it probable to buy or lease videos from Xbox Music, as well as Podcasts right away lets you allow to any RSS feed AND provides a Bing-powered podcast poke for each nation where Windows Phone is available. Oh… as well as we’ve softened a phone volume carry out by together with apart sliders for your ringer/notifications as well as for your apps as well as media. Just a approach you asked for it!


People Hub, Email as well as Accounts: The People Hub has higher-fidelity feeds for your amicable network calm (large photos!) as well as it connects but delay to 3rd-party amicable networking apps so which you can have easy entrance to all a full functionality of a 3rd celebration apps once they have been installed. Email right away supports S/MIME secure email, as well as we’ve broadened a await for opposite comment types, right away together with iCloud.


Photos & Camera:The Photos knowledge right away jumps but delay to your many brand brand brand brand brand brand new photos as well as shows as collections automatically organized, in a perspective grouped by date as well as location. Online print albums have been right away upheld around app-extensibility, so 3rd parties can block in their services. In a Camera, we’ve updated a UI as well as combined “burst mode” photography which lets you constraint just a undiluted moment—just similar to upon Windows 8.1.

Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, as well as Battery Saver:We’ve combined a series of facilities in Windows Phone 8.1 which have been created to assistance you get a many out of your interpretation allowance, battery hold up as well as storage.

DataSense_Overview_16x9 Settings_WifiSense_16x9

Data Senselets you lane how many interpretation have make use of of you have make have use of of of in a since month as well as will give you a relapse of have make use of of by app so you can see which app is regulating a many of your data. As you nearby your interpretation limit, Data Sense will some-more aggressively offload interpretation to Wi-Fi as well as extent mobile usage… as well as in 8.1 there’s a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new “high savings” mode which cranks up a focus of images as you crop a web so you can crop even over regulating reduction interpretation than WP8.

Wi-Fi Sensewill automatically bond you to giveaway open hotspots it finds to assistance you save mobile data. And, if you’d like, you can opt-in to automatically as well as firmly capacitate your friends as well as contacts to auto-connect to your home Wi-Fi, so they can have make have use of of of a internet tie during your residence but hassling you for a cue as well as typing it in manually. If you spin off Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi Sense, you can have Cortana automatically spin it behind upon when you strech a single of your a a single preferred places as identified in Cortana.


We’re introducing Storage Senseto assistance you get a many out of a mental recall as well as storage upon your phone. It will assistance you conduct calm you have upon an SD mental recall label if your device supports those. You can additionally pierce calm – similar to apps, music, photos – in in in between a storage built in to your device as well as an SD mental recall card.


And Battery Saver gives you a transparent relapse of how apps have been regulating your battery so you can have some-more sensitive have make use of of decisions. With “automatic mode” enabled, it can dramatically magnify your battery life.

Windows as well as Windows Phone Together

Your Microsoft Accountallows Windows as well as Windows Phone to work together in extraordinary ways. Windows Phone 8.1 furthers a formation in in in between phone as well as PC. If you shift your thesis color, which shift will sync opposite all your Windows devices. If you buy an in-app squeeze in a little of a newer apps created for Windows Phone as well as Windows 8.1, a squeeze functions upon your phone AND your PC. And alternative settings similar to your home Wi-Fi cue will additionally sync.

Ever longed for to project your phone shade onto a PC, TV set or projector? We’ve combined await for which as well—connect your Windows Phone to a concordant Personal Computer regulating a USB wire as well as you can run an focus upon a Personal Computer to uncover a phone screen. Some of a stirring brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new phones will additionally await wireless Miracast arrangement to concordant TVs as well as alternative devices.

And eventually with Internet Explorer eleven for Windows Phone, you will be means to see all a open tabs you have upon all your Windows inclination as well as all your Favorites too. Plus a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Internet Explorer gives you InPrivate browsing, cue caching, as well as a super-handy celebration of a mass mode.

Great for Business Users as well as IT Managers

Windows has prolonged been a preference for a craving as well as professionals. Windows Phone fits simply as well as seamlessly in to a corporate ecosystem creation it simpler to work when you have been upon a go. Last year, PC Magazine’s readers selected Nokia Lumia/Windows Phones as a Business Choice Award for smartphones by scoring them a top in end-user satisfaction.

With Windows Phone 8.1, we’re creation it even simpler for IT professionals to conduct inclination as well as for professionals to bond to necessary commercial operation apps as well as services with facilities such as customizable MDM enrollment, await for loads some-more MDM policies, LOB focus & obligation management, S/MIME as well as VPN support. Stay tuned for a minute blog post after currently upon a Windows for your Business Blog which covers all a pass facilities for businesses.

Sounds Great! When Can you Get It? And upon which phones?

Windows Phone 8.1 will begin rolling out to existent Windows Phone 8 users as well as will come pre-installed upon brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new phones, together with a Lumia 630 as well as 635 as well as Lumia 930 announced by Nokia today, in a entrance months. If you wish to try out Windows Phone 8.1 as well as you have been a purebred developer, you can refurbish your phone as partial of a Developer Preview Program in a initial partial of April.

We have been unequivocally unapproachable of a swell you have been creation with Windows Phone. Industry researcher IDC admitted Windows Phone a fastest flourishing smartphone height in 2013, as well as you consider a destiny is even brighter. At Mobile World Congress, we voiced a joining to flourishing a series of device partners creation Windows Phones, as well as were unapproachable to acquire 9 brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new partners to a Windows Phone ecosystem. Today you voiced dual some-more partners – Prestigio in Europe as well as Micromax in India – to serve safeguard which people around a universe will have entrance to a extraordinary knowledge which usually Windows Phone delivers consistently opposite all cost points.

We know you have lots some-more to do – for developers, for commercial operation customers, as well as for consumers. Today’s announcements during Build were all about receiving a subsequent stairs – creation it simpler than ever to set up good inclination as well as write good apps for Windows, as well as enabling a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new era of cold practice for commercial operation which uncover a energy of conceptualizing around people, delivering indeed personal computing, as well as assisting us all to get some-more out of a record in a lives.

Windows Phone April 2nd 2014


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We adore saying what a tip eccentric developers pierce to a Windows as well as Windows Phone Stores any month. This month is no exception, with a stand of good brand brand brand new titles not long ago combined to The Next Big Thing Collection for Windows Phone – games similar to Zombie Tsunami, Machinarium, Skelly Rider, Unroll It as well as more.

Here’s a closer demeanour during a small of a brand brand brand new titles:

Zombie Tsunami


Usually games have we using from zombies or battling them, though in this extravagantly fun adventure, you’re a single of a towering hordes. Take your place in a uproar as well as conflict hapless survivors, adding them to your ranks. You’re hungry. You’re unstoppable. You’re partial of a Zombie Tsunami! Download Zombie Tsunami for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store!

Skelly Rider


This endless-runner RPG puts a clean-cut structure of a body – “Skelly” – upon a run from a grievous Tyrannosaurus Rex that is terrorizing a countryside. Your challenge: keep Skelly upon his swift mountain as well as assistance him equivocate a most obstacles he’ll face as he flies nearby as well as far. Face dangers with him, collect up bullion along a way, even contest with players upon tellurian leaderboards. Download Skelly Rider for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store!

Galactic Rush


Who’s a fastest in a galaxy? In this endless-runner game, that’s a subject for we to answer, proof your zip-zag-jump-run bravery to consequence a title. You can paint humans or alternative visitor races, as well as we can take value of power-ups to finish hurdles as well as consequence rewards. Put your using boots upon as well as edging them up – a greatest competition in a universe is about to begin! Download Galactic Rush for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store!



This small drudge has been consigned to a large throw store during a back of a city of Machinarium, though even worse, his drudge partner is in trouble as well as needs his help. That’s where a journey begins, with a small man opposed a Black Cap Brotherhood to save her. You’ll confront a operation of immorality robots in this rusty world, elucidate proof puzzles as well as brain teasers along a way. Can he rescue his lady as well as have her day? With your help, of course! Download Machinarium for $4.99 (U.S.) from a Windows Phone Store!



Add ‘em up as well as blow ‘em up – that’s a addictively fun idea during a back of this bomb game, filled with dumb characters as well as talented animation. Just squash as most constructions as we can by environment up, adding up as well as floating up a numbers 1 to 9. Sound easy? You’ll get a cling to of things quickly, though poise will take time. There have been some-more than 50 levels as well as 120 reward hurdles to keep we guessing as well as going. Numolition is a fun time for all ages – no make a difference how honed your math skills might be. Download Numolition for $1.49 (U.S.) from a Windows Phone Store!

Dengen Chronicles

6a 6b

Here’s your possibility to be a favourite of your a one preferred comic – all in an enchanting Manga label game. With 4 Manga family groups during quarrel (Ninja, Fantasy, Robot as well as School), you’ll need to collect a side, set up your label rug of warriors as well as conduct in to battle. Your warriors have been super-customizable, with thousands of anticipation quarrel equipment – as well as we can plea genuine opponents in turn-based matches. Play your tale as well as see your Manga destiny unfold. Download Dengen Chronicles for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store as well as download it for giveaway from a Windows Store!

Unroll It

7a 7b

Keeping things elementary creates this diversion incredibly fun. All we do is pierce a blocks up, down as well as laterally to emanate a successive trail for a small white round to strech a red goal. But only since it’s elementary doesn’t meant it’s easy. Just certitude that as a plea increases, a fun does, too. Download Unroll It for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store as well as download it for giveaway from a Windows Store!

Zombie Ragdoll

8a 8b

For production fun with a small wild-eyed ragdolls, begin here. These ragdolls have been zombies, too, so we can spin them in to lethal weapons with no mistreat done: aim, tap, as well as fire them as we work your approach by any level. Live Tiles uncover we tall scores as well as that lab you’ve reached, as well as we can squeeze coins as well as gems in-app to assistance we kick levels. Try a small baleful ragdoll fun today! Download Zombie Ragdoll for giveaway from a Windows Phone Store as well as download it for giveaway from a Windows Store!

Start off your open with a small good brand brand brand new indie games. Check out these as well as some-more in The Next Big Thing Collection in a Windows Phone Store!

Windows Phone March 25th 2014


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Microsoft Research has voiced as well as expelled an refurbish today for their Blink app upon Windows Phone. If we have the app already commissioned (and over 1 million of we do), you’ll get the refurbish soon. If we don’t have it installed, we can download it here for giveaway from the Windows Phone Store. So what is the Blink app? Blink upon your Windows Phone lets we constraint the detonate of images prior to we even press the shiver as well as afterwards continues to constraint images after you’ve taken your shot – assisting we find the most appropriate shot or action. It additionally creates the reduced charcterised “Blink” that can be common to Facebook, Twitter or on Socl (pronounced “social”).

Screen_FocusLock Screen_GalleryView
New features: Focus close as well as discerning burst art studio view

Today’s refurbish adds the couple of brand brand brand brand new facilities we consider folks will enjoy:

  • Fresh brand brand brand brand new look: New branding as well as rested UI elements via the app.
  • New tutorial: To assistance people get proposed with Blink, the app right away includes the educational that walks by how to make use of the app.
  • Dual modes: Switch simply in between dual modes – Blink mode to revise as well as share your animations, as well as still mode to save as well as share the undiluted shot.
  • Focus lock: Tap upon the shade to close concentration in that the region. Now no make the difference where we pierce the phone, that segment will automatically be re-focused (a the one preferred brand brand brand brand new underline of mine!).
  • Better stabilization: The picture fixing algorithm has been softened so that all your Blinks fool around but any camera shake up or jitter.
  • Quick burst art studio view: A brand brand brand brand new art studio perspective has been combined in the Blink hurl for people to fast burst by their prisoner Blinks.
  • Live Tile: If we have Blink pinned to your Start shade upon your Windows Phone, the tile will right away uncover images from the little of your formerly prisoner Blinks.

This is in further to existent facilities in Blink that stream users enjoy, such as:

  • GIF export: In further to pity Blinks upon Facebook, Twitter as well as Socl, users can additionally trade their Blinks in GIF format to OneDrive.
  • Always-in-focus: Blink has successive re-focus resource that marks phone suit as well as uses face showing to keep the stage or theme regularly in focus.
  • Metadata Tagging: Your photos from Blink have been tagged with date, time as well as place report for easy classification as well as classification in alternative applications.
  • In-app gallery: Blink regularly retains all your captures in app, until deletion, so we can regularly go behind as well as suffer your the one preferred moments in the Blink roll.

For some-more upon Blink, click here. Leave the criticism with links to the little of your Blinks!

Windows Phone March 20th 2014


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Stop villains similar to Loki or Dr. Doom as an representative of S.H.I.E.L.D. by recruiting Marvel superheroes similar to a Spider-Man, a X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America as well as a Hulk. There have been some-more than twenty superheroes from a Marvel Universe we can recruit. You’ll conflict a villains in some-more than 450 battles, 60+ missions, as well as hundreds of quests.



Download Avengers Alliance currently from a Windows Phone Store – giveaway with in-app squeeze options.

You can additionally download Avengers Alliance for your Windows Personal Computer or Tablet from a Windows Store.

Windows Phone March 18th 2014


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Today, a Office Team has voiced Office Lens. Office Lens is radically a scanner in your slot which uses your Windows Phone’s camera to take cinema of things similar to commercial operation cards, grill menus, as good as records upon whiteboards or blackboards – as good as scans them to OneNote. Download Office Lens currently from a Windows Phone Store.

Office Lens: Before as good as after

You can have use of Office Lens to indicate roughly anything we wish in to OneNote. When we indicate something in regulating Office Lens, it will have whatever we scanned in some-more entertaining by pleat as good as enhancing a photo. It will straighten uncanny angles or purify up shadows for example. Once your picture is scanned in to OneNote, it’ll sync opposite all your inclination courtesy of OneDrive. If something we scanned has printed content similar to a film print for example, OneNote upon a Personal Computer has visual impression approval (OCR) to commend content inside of a images your indicate in with Office Lens. You can poke for difference inside of those images as good as revise a text, or duplicate as good as pulp it in to apps similar to email as good as documents.

For a small bit of a little geeky behind-the-scenes stuff, you can review up upon how Microsoft Research helped with Office Lens.

You can see Office Lens in movement by examination a following video:

Office additionally voiced currently which OneNote is giveaway everywhere. If we don’t already have OneNote, head upon over to as good as get it today!

Windows Phone March 17th 2014


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I just posted which NCAA Mar Madness Live is right away accessible in a Windows Store for Windows PCs as well as Tablets though it additionally accessible for your Windows Phone too! Download NCAA Mar Madness Live from a Windows Phone Store!

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NCAA contest games start subsequent week as well as with NCAA Mar Madness Live, fans can experience in a Capital One NCAA Mar Madness Bracket Challenge, suffer Live Tile updates right upon their Start shade with a ultimate scores, headlines as well as video highlights, as well as additionally watch live games. All a games promote upon CBS have been giveaway to watch live, whilst live games promote upon TBS, TNT as well as TruTV need a wire TV subscription login. Grab a app currently as well as get ready for subsequent week’s tournament!

Windows Phone March 13th 2014


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It’s which time of a year when it seems similar to everybody’s streamer to Austin, Texas. South by Southwest is a single of a nation’s premier festivals featuring music, movie as well as interactive. But to call it a small “festival” doesn’t unequivocally do it justice—to entirely learn this extravaganza, we need to be there. But if you’re not between a masses, Windows Phone is teaming up with KEXP to move we a subsequent most appropriate thing.

From Mar 12th to 14th you’ll get idealisation entrance to a giveaway all-ages South by Southwest Showcase Series. Even if you’re stranded a thousand miles from Austin.

It seems usually judicious to put a extraordinary brand new Nokia Lumia Icon in a hands of KEXP staff, who are—you guessed it—in Austin.

Not usually do they have a idealisation unison recording device, though KEXP knows song inside-and-out (a exigency for operative during a single of a country’s most appropriate air wave stations). End result? You get coverage which unequivocally matters. They will be capturing live bands as well as behind-the-scenes footage as well as interviews, recording it all in pleasing 1080p tall clarification as well as capturing each note with 4 energetic high-range microphones.

The eventuality will be hosted by Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop as well as facilities performances from bands similar to Yellow Ostrich, Avi Buffalo, Vertical Scratchers as well as most more. So don’t skip it—follow Windows Phone upon Facebook, Twitter as well as Vine.

Windows Phone March 12th 2014