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AMD’s Fusion Developer Summit is receiving place this week in Bellevue, WA as well as AMD is receiving a event to launch their high-end array of APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). If we stop – an APU is a multiple of a CPU as well as GPU in to a singular die. AMD’s Fusion family of APU processors is a multiple of multi-core CPU (x86) record with discrete-level graphics.

Back in Jan during CES, AMD launched their E-Series as well as C-Series APUs – codenamed “Brazos” – targeting tiny form cause PCs, netbooks as well as tablets. Since afterwards – over 5 million units of a E-Series as well as C-Series APUs have been sole given Q4 2010.

Today, AMD is announcing a A-Series APU – codenamed “Llano” – targeting some-more mainstream PCs trimming from laptops to desktop PCs to all-in-one PCs!

The A-Series APU is a many higher-end APU than a E-Series as well as C-Series APUs. The A-Series APU is a multiple of a quad-core processor (4 x86 CPU cores) as well as dissimilar DirectX-11-capable graphics (the E-Series as well as C-Series APUs did not embody quad-core processors). Laptops with A-Series APUs will suffer glorious HD graphics capacity as well as over 10.5 hours of battery life.

AMD has finished work with a A-Series APU to safeguard it has a required “horse power” to hoop a many performance-demanding applications by parallel processing. Laptops with an A-Series APU have 400 gigaflops of opening equine energy whilst desktops have 500 gigaflops. Specifically, this will assistance with video as well as picture estimate for example.

All A-Series APUs implement what AMD calls their VISION Engine which combines hardware as well as program to yield a most appropriate knowledge probable for digital calm such as videos as well as games. For video playback, AMD is introducing a brand new underline with a A-Series APUs called Steady Video. This underline ensures which videos fool around solid as well as well-spoken as well as additionally enables 3D gaming as well as 3D Blu-ray playback. The A-Series APU supports a accumulation of tie standards together with HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.1, as well as USB 3.0.

With Internet Explorer 9, we get a benefits of hardware-accelerated HTML5 as well as Direct2D opening whilst browsing a web upon a Personal Computer with an A-Series APU given is it has dissimilar turn graphics capabilities built right in!

With AMD Fusion APUs – together with a A-Series – we can span it with a dissimilar AMD Radeon dissimilar graphics label for a dual-graphics experience. This equates to which with a Fusion APU as well as a dissimilar Radeon graphics label in a Personal Computer we can knowledge a energy of twin graphics with up to an 75% graphics opening progress according to AMD.

The A-Series APU is now scheduled to crop up in some-more than 150 laptops as well as desktop PCs via a second entertain of 2011.

It’s really sparkling to go on to see a hardware creation the partners have been doing!

Extreme Windows June 13th 2011

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