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Adding the CableCARD™ TV tuner is unequivocally the pièce de résistance in formulating the full-featured Windows Media Center Personal Computer since it is the usually approach which US-based users can move tall definition, reward digital wire calm though delay in to their PCs though regulating the set-top box. If we have use of Windows Media Center to conduct your radio as well as DVR needs, as well as we allow to the lot of premium  channels in your wire plan, afterwards the CableCARD tuner creates good clarity for you.

When CableCARD™ tuners initial strike the marketplace the couple of years ago, however, they compulsory the Digital Cable Ready PC. At the time, these could usually be performed from an strange apparatus manufacturer, which was really most to the discomfit of DIYers as well as enthusiasts who were fervent to turn out their Home Theater PCs with the strong digital wire experience.

All of this altered with Windows 7, however. The OEM-only order was lifted as well as DIYers were giveaway to set up their own HTPCs with CableCARD™. What’s more, the subsequent era of CableCARD™ tuners have been nearing upon the marketplace right away from companies similar to Ceton, as well as entrance shortly from Silicondust, as well as the reviews to illustrate distant have been fantastic.

Enabling the Windows 7 Personal Computer for CableCARD

If you’re removing ready to take this subsequent step with your Windows 7 PC, there is the apparatus called the Digital Cable Advisor which we contingency run for the successful formation of the CableCARD™ tuner. The Digital Cable Advisor measures complement parameters such as CPU speed, RAM, graphics label await for hardware acceleration, as well as digital tie capabilities.

  • If the Personal Computer meets the smallest requirements, the apparatus enables digital wire functionality upon the PC. Then, users can supplement the digital wire tuner with the CableCARD™, permitting them to entrance all of their tall clarification as well as reward wire calm inside of Windows Media Center, though though regulating the set-top box.
  • If the Personal Computer does not encounter the smallest requirements, the Digital Cable Advisor will prove which components unsuccessful as well as have the little simple recommendations for upgrading the Personal Computer to house digital cable.

In Windows 7, Digital Cable Advisor can be found inside of Windows Media Center’s extras gallery.

Windows Media Center Extras Gallery

Before we run the Digital Cable Advisor:

  • Ensure which we have been not using upon battery energy when installing as well as using this tool. Some of the tests will not run upon battery energy alone.
  • Ensure which we have been not using alternative applications when using the Digital Cable Advisor.

Welcome Screen

After we name Install, we will be stirred to endorse the download as well as accept the finish user permit agreement. Digital Cable Advisor will begin automatically after it has been downloaded.

EULA Screen

If any issues occurred during the download routine or if the apparatus doesn’t automatically start, navigate to Extras | Extras Library in Windows Media Center to run the tool. If the apparatus was not successfully downloaded, try to download it again from Extras | Extras Gallery.

Installing DCA

Select Next to begin the apparatus as well as arrangement the permit agreement. This second set of conditions relates to the updates which will be done to the complement if it meets the smallest requirements.

Terms of Service

Above: Terms of Service for complement updates

After similar to the terms, we have been ready to exam your system. Select Start Test to investigate your system.

Starting the test

The apparatus might take multiform mins to run the tests to investigate the system. The tool’s swell is indicated upon top of the Start Test button. When complete, we will name Next to see the exam results.

Digital Cable Advisor System Analysis Results

If the complement does not encounter the smallest requirements, the formula will prove where the complement has failed. Make note the formula as well as deliberate with the competent mechanism reseller to ascent the required components. Below, the representation disaster caused by the system’s graphics card.

Graphics label failure

Here have been formula for the Personal Computer which has the processor befitting for digital cable, though one some-more RAM as well as an upgraded graphics label have been required:

Multiple Failure

Finally, an e.g. of mixed failures. This Personal Computer would not yield the peculiarity digital wire experience.

Complete failure


If your complement has met the smallest requirements, we will be told as well as stirred to refurbish the complement settings. Select Update System Settings to configure the complement to await the digital wire observation knowledge upon your PC.

Update upon success

Once the Personal Computer has been updated with the required configurations to await the digital wire experience, the congratulations page is displayed along with one some-more considerations for ensuring the highest-quality observation experience.


Next Steps as well as Additional Considerations

Now which we have enabled your Personal Computer for digital cable, we will still need to acquire the digital wire tuner, the CableCARD™ from your wire use provider, as well as the reward calm subscription. How wire companies understanding with CableCARD™ Windows Media Center PCs tends to change severely by provider. Check out Windows Help as well as How-To for some-more report upon the process, as well as if necessary, find benefit during, the forums for Windows Entertainment as well as Connected Home enthusiasts.

Trying Again…

If the complement does not encounter the smallest requirements, refurbish the required components as well as run the Digital Cable Advisor apparatus again from Extras | Extras Library.

Extras Library

Finally, the little resources which might assistance we as we go down this path:

Extreme Windows December 30th 2010

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