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Is it any warn "app" was voted a Word of a Year final week? Probably not. When we own a smartphone—as most of us right divided do—you lend towards to outlay a lot of a day with apps upon a brain: articulate about them, personification with them.

And in all sport for a most appropriate of a most appropriate of them.

Welcome to Pinworthy, a brand brand brand brand brand new mainstay about apps I’ll be posting here any Friday. Each week I’ll differentiate by a newest gems as good as stinkers to land in Marketplace (and, no, I’m not only articulate about fart apps), as good as discuss it we a 5 value pinning to your Start screen—at slightest until a subsequent week comes along.

These have been unequivocally sparkling times for Windows Phone owners similar to us. With rounded off 6,000 apps in Microsoft’s app store, as good as dozens some-more pouring in any day, there’s a lot to select from. The downside? Well…there’s a lot to select from! Sometimes we find it flattering overwhelming. Scanning draft commanding apps with Zune or Bing helps. But we mostly have a whinging feeling which I’ve longed for something great. Those have been a ones I’ll be sport any week.

But we idea Pinworthy will in conclusion be some-more than only a weekly showcase of my quirky tastes. I’d similar to it to turn a forum for app junkies as good as aficionados. What’s a most appropriate Google Reader app? What brand brand brand brand brand new diversion competence be a subsequent Pocket God? Does Marketplace unequivocally need an additional flashlight app?

Anyway, check out this week’s picks—then discuss it me what we missed. Happy hunting!





OK, I’ll confess: we had no freaking thought what a heck was starting upon whilst we was personification this game. But we was carrying a explosion anyway. Best as we can tell, in Quadra your beef is with a garland of antagonistic circles as good as squares (malsquares?). The goal: stop them from receiving out your base—that large round in a core of a screen. You have dual ways to urge yourself. Your bottom unleashes a consistent mist of missiles, directed by shifting your finger around a screen. You additionally have a singular arms depot of bombs, which can nuke all in steer with a discerning tap.

But here’s what unequivocally creates Quadra cool: if we blow divided sufficient enemies, we get a second barb launcher, tranquil by an additional finger. With dual fingers rambling around a screen, gameplay is quick as good as mad (although it can additionally be difficult to see what’s happening). we desired Quadra’s retro graphics—which reminded me of a ‘80s colonnade classical Tempest—and a groovy thumpety-thump soundtrack. If Quadra looks a tad familiar, it’s substantially since a game’s creator, Elbert Perez, has an additional eighties-tinged title, Impossible Shoota, effervescent up Marketplace’s giveaway app chart. Indie diversion lovers: Keep your eyes upon this guy.

Released: Jan. 6. Price: free.


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone

Picking a most appropriate app to land in Marketplace final week was a no-brainer. Of course, this is aged headlines by now, though a Kindle app for Windows Phone has arrived. Whether you’re a Kindle owners similar to me—or you’re only seeking for a approach to buy as good as review books upon your phone—this is a must-have download.

The app lets we emporium a Kindle Store for brand brand brand brand brand new books (or download giveaway copies of a Victorian-era classical we blew off in tall school).  If you’ve used alternative forms of Kindle, you’re substantially already informed with a joys of Amazon’s Whispersync record as good as how it automatically syncs bookmarks, notes, as good as highlights with your Kindle reader or alternative Kindle apps, so we never have to recollect what page we were on.

Released: Jan. 5. Price: free.




Heads up broom closet crooners: The initial karaoke app in Marketplace has arrived.

OpenMic comes with hits from Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, as good as Ke$ha. You can opt to perform a duet with a divas, or uncover off your American Idol skills solo. If you’re a air blower of Rock Band, we already know a drill. As we sing in to your phone’s mic, you’ll be graded upon your opening regulating a app’s built-in representation showing technology. While a app itself looks great, I’m spotlighting it with reservations—three songs is a flattering skinny catalogue to collect from. And these aren’t a kind of tunes which we routinely sing in a shower.

Still, OpenMic is fun, good made, as good as has lots of potential. Here’s anticipating destiny updates supplement even some-more songs to a mix.

Released: Jan. 7. Price: $2.99.





When your fingers tire from Quadra, we can practice your noggin with Wordrix.  The idea of this maddeningly interesting diversion (maddening since I‘m so bad during it) is to find as most difference as probable prior to a countdown timer hits zero. You spell out difference by boring your finger from a single minute to a next.

Like Scrabble, opposite letters in Wordrix have opposite indicate values. So a longer a word, a some-more points we score. Some tiles can stand in or 3 times your measure if we embody them (actually, a indicate complement is even some-more formidable than that).  Once you’ve spelled out a current word (note to self: difference in all need a vowel) a tiles have been private from a house as good as transposed with brand brand brand brand brand new ones. The game’s 3 worry levels as good as compendium of 170,000 probable difference should keep we busy—or frustrated—for hours.

Released: Jan. 7. Price: $0.99.


Ice Ball


If you’re aged sufficient to recollect a quirky ‘80s colonnade strike Qix, or a desktop inheritor JezzBall (part of a Microsoft Entertainment Pack for MS-DOS in 1992), afterwards you’ll rught away take to Ice Ball.

The intent of this deceptively elementary diversion is to retard off some-more than 75% of a shade by sketch range lines with your finger. The pretence is completing your range prior to a bouncing round smashes in to it. If which happens as well most times, we lose. Each time we win, a brand brand brand brand brand new round is tossed in to a arena. Ice Ball proves nonetheless again which most of a most appropriate games have been additionally a simplest.

Released Jan. 8. Price: free.

Windows Phone January 14th 2011

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